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Originally Posted by ODog View Post
Your reading comprehension needs a lot of work, as demonstrated by every post you've made in this thread, completely derailing it in the process.

It's not a matter of matching any color on the uniform. If you're not going the black/white/beige route, your bands/sleeves will have to match the predominant color.
I'm not the one who needs help comprehending what is being said.

Someone else said that under the OLD rule, it was not possible to know what all the school colors are. (Since headbands/wristbands under the OLD rule had to match any school color) I replied that all you had to do under the OLD rule is look at their uniforms to figure out what their colors are.

In every other post in this thread I have tried to make the point that the NEW rule says that bands/sleeves/tights/etc have to now match the predominant color on the uniform if they're not black/white/beige. The problem is that others haven't read the NEW rule and decide to post anyway.
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