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Sleeves, etc '15-'16

Sorry, I haven't been on in awhile, do not have '15-'16 books yet, so before posting did a search on this subject, finding the last discussion of the topic was last May, ending in a disagreement between two posters that resulted in a closed thread. Not wanting to start that up again, but now that season is underway, there seems to be (as usual) disagreement in our area over this still. As I understand it, was the final interp that headbands or wristbands must be black, white, or beige, but must also be ALL same color among same team members? And...that if leg or arm sleeves or compression shorts are worn they must also match the headbands or wristbands among teammates? Was it decided that if NO head or wrist bands are worn that then the compression items must still conform to the matching color rule? Is there any language stating ANY of these items (other than an undershirt of course) must match the predominant color of the uniform? Could a team wearing all white unis have kids with black knee or arm sleeves?
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