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The 7-point scale, as far as I'm aware, is still used today.

Vastly simplified (and probably somewhat inaccurately), it breaks down like this:
1 is the worst score, 7 is the highest score.

Every play starts as a 4, and is upgraded/downgraded from there.
1s are things like egregious timing errors (see the game from earlier this season where about 15 seconds ran off the clock inadvertently and nobody noticed), phantom calls, blatantly incorrect no-calls, incorrect penalty enforcements, etc.

2s and 3s are for more minor "misses"... a holding foul that wasn't 'big enough', etc. A lot of the "by the book, that's a foul, but we'd prefer it not to be called" type situations probably fit in the 3s.

4s are the default "nothing happened, good or bad" play.

5s and 6s are for the unusually good work by a particular official or crew.

7s are the major crew savers: catching the "big fish" that nobody else saw, handling some unusual situation, etc. As I understand it, there might be about a dozen 7s handed out league-wide over the course of an entire season.
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