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Originally Posted by teebob21 View Post
I will see what I can do. I am almost to 3BLX, moving from point of plate.

Catcher is in an "athletic position" awaiting the ball: feet shoulder width apart on the foul line, hips back, head up, hands low. She is 5-6 feet or so from the plate.

R1 rounds third a few feet into foul territory (not very wide), and is running just barely in foul ground the last 30 feet to home. R1 begins her slide just before reaching F2. Her feet and hips pass F2 cleanly as she goes to the ground. As she began to pass F2, she raised her left shoulder and arm to draw contact with F2. Contact was made in the ribs/hips area with F2, knocking her down. The contact was made roughly at the same instant the slide happened, i.e., just as she hit the dirt with her backside. The best way to describe the motion would be R1 pivoting at the waist to face the 3B stands while sliding, raising the shoulder into F2.

Feet clear past F2 like this example pic, but with contact and a raised left shoulder. Imagine that #24 rotates the upper body to the right to face more to the camera. Contact is 5 feet from the plate.

Sorry if this is unclear or repeats itself. Keep in mind all of this happens in maybe a quarter second, and my eyes are on F2 as I try to position for what is likely to be a swipe tag. I saw the contact with central vision, but the rest of the play was in the peripheral vision and I may have missed a detail. The slide wasn't dirty, but it didn't look too clean either.
Honestly ... what did you expect the runner to do other than what we see here. This appears to be nothing.
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