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Originally Posted by IRISHMAFIA View Post
Having a hard time envisioning #24 making serious contact with any part of the body if facing away from the catcher.
That's the problem with a stock photo, it's a poor representation. Imagine #24 with the opposite buttcheek on the ground, and a torso turned to hit the F2 with the left elbow/shoulder at full sliding speed. For clarity, my play did not involve a thrown elbow...again, just for representation.

Originally Posted by Big Slick View Post
Is this 2 umpires or 3?

As you described, you should not be in this position for this play.

If this is two umpires, you should be moving from a holding zone back to the plate.

If this is a 3 umpire game, this ball should have been chased by U3 and then the above applies.

Point of Plate mechanic is very difficult to use for 2 umpire as you have responsibility at third on R1. Furthermore, 3BLX is reserved for swipe tag with the throw up the third base line (according to you, the ball was coming from center field).
2-man (grumble, grumble, cheap schools, grumble). The holding zone is not a calling position. Neither is POP. I drifted towards the holding zone as I watched the ball bounce off the right-center wall into CF. As I was moving to a primary position at 3B, I saw there was no chance of either a play or OBS at 3B and the runner would try to score, so I returned to the plate to make the call. Rightly or wrongly, I was where I was, and I had a good look at it with all the elements in front of me. I did check the CCA book for 2-man just to be sure, and page 314 shows what I did almost exactly.

The throw was from center, and it was up the 3B line by several feet. Not sure why 3BLX wouldn't be the correct NCAA mechanic here. Open to hearing any feedback on that.

Regardless, aggressive-but-not-malicious contact was made on the slide.
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