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Originally Posted by teebob21 View Post
Situation: Fall ball exhibition game, NCAA team vs. NAIA team. R1 on 1B, 2 out, BR hits a long fly ball to right-center. R1 seems to forget the outs and hesitates near 2B, eventually comes home.

The play is not close. The F2 positions herself 5 feet or so up the 3B line, on the line. The ball is still 10+ feet away, coming from center field and we have a train wreck. The runner slid, but did so in a way that I judged was intended to create contact. I know, HTBT, but she turned her upper body during the slide so her shoulder would contact the catcher's hip/torso area. The ball goes to the backstop. I did not judge any MC or USC, but the catcher was not in the act of catching and definitely impeded the runner even had there been no contact. I signal OBS, and R1 scores safely.

As a game management question: at this level, is a team warning warranted for a runner initiating avoidable contact like this?
My opinion, no; unless there was enough commentary started that you wanted to use that to regain control. Team warnings at that level need to be for actual offenses, not you coming off as telling them how to coach their team.

That said, assuming I knew the coaches, I might (in fall ball or scrimmage setting ONLY) suggest in a private and not-overly-obvious manner to both sets of coaches that 1) sure would be a shame to lose a catcher for a year roaming up the baseline without being in the act of catching ball, and 2) sure would hate life if an injury or multi-game suspension resulted from a completely unnecessary and avoidable contact. If you have the personality to pull that off, not as telling them their job. Then let the coaches do the team management thing.
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