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OBS: Runner initiates non-malicious contact - Ignore or warn?

Situation: Fall ball exhibition game, NCAA team vs. NAIA team. R1 on 1B, 2 out, BR hits a long fly ball to right-center. R1 seems to forget the outs and hesitates near 2B, eventually comes home.

The play is not close. The F2 positions herself 5 feet or so up the 3B line, on the line. The ball is still 10+ feet away, coming from center field and we have a train wreck. The runner slid, but did so in a way that I judged was intended to create contact. I know, HTBT, but she turned her upper body during the slide so her shoulder would contact the catcher's hip/torso area. The ball goes to the backstop. I did not judge any MC or USC, but the catcher was not in the act of catching and definitely impeded the runner even had there been no contact. I signal OBS, and R1 scores safely.

As a game management question: at this level, is a team warning warranted for a runner initiating avoidable contact like this?
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