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Arbiter -- pictures?

For those of you whose boards receive assignments through ArbiterSports (or hell, any online assigning program/service) what percentage of your members would you say have pictures with their profiles?

We have many coaches, fellow officials and people who are just bad with names/faces who seem to be increasingly asking, "My partner for an upcoming assignment is X. Do you know him?" Or a coach saying, "How am I supposed to rate/block officials if it's just a bunch of names with no faces?"

Our assignor appreciates those who have pictures with their profiles, but he doesn't require it. Our president urged more members to get pictures up last season and only a handful complied.

I'd guess fewer than 20% of our members have gone through "the trouble." Just curious if this is common or if most boards have less difficulty getting members to go along with something so simple and seemingly helpful.
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