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Originally Posted by jmkupka View Post
Rundown between 3B & home, runner dives back to 3B, fielder dives too, I'm at a perfect 90 degree angle to see a constant 2-3" of daylight between glove and foot.
DC, absolutely convinced of a tag (in the 1B dugout, so she's watching from 3B line extended), comes out begging me to ask for help (from my partner, also behind the play).

"Coach, I'll ask, but there's nothing he can tell me that'll convince me I didn't see daylight the entire time."

I guess the only bad part was when partner showed up uninvited to the conversation & said "I had no tag either"...
I have been quoted as asking a coach (actually several, I like using this phrase) "So, you want me to ask my partner if he can make me unsee what I saw?" And then I just wait.
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