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Originally Posted by teebob21 View Post
This week, I attended a 8U youth game as a fan, and as a parent. The game was an all-star showcase for the league. It was a well-played game that went 6 full innings in the allotted 1:15 time, and ended in tie, which is a great way for an all-star game at this level to end.

The official worked the game solo and is one with whom I have had umpire-coach disagreements in the past on rule interpretations and judgment of clear violations. The best example was questioning an obvious INT by a runner that was no-called. The response I got was "In a game that mattered, I'd call it." BS reasoning (edit: BS as in protestable in "games that matter"), but whatever: they're 8; moving on.

In the all-star game, there were multiple instances of no-call obstruction, no-call interference, and at least one "changed" call: an out being called halfway through the safe signal on a force play. If I didn't know this official through the grapevine, I would have shrugged it off, but I know this umpire wants to move beyond club ball/high school and into college softball. I've been asked to evaluate this official for high-level 16U/18U play for consideration for a college tryout.

Before I pass judgment based on the body of work I've seen at low-level play, here is the question I want to ask the board: Do you change your enforcement of the rules for lower levels of play? Is it ever appropriate to do so beyond a bigger strike zone for younger pitchers?
I have stated much of my opinion in response to MD below. I think given the full knowledge of what you have seen multiple times, you need to make a fair assessment of this umpire based on the totality of the observations.

Having done officials observations in the past for a different sport (in which I am an assigner), I know one evaluation does not provide a true feel for the officials ability. I have seen officials who couldn't get a call right one night, be great the next time I see them. Which version of the official is the true version? The bad version or the really good version.

Now, based on what I have read here, my evaluation would be something along the lines of this umpire needs to work on consistent enforcement of the rules and at this time is not ready to move up to higher level ball. That's just me though.
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