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On the most basic level, the function of an umpire. referee/official is to level the playing field so that neither team gains an unfair advantage. You haven't suggested this poorly officiated game strongly favored one team over the other; so, on that level, maybe it wasn't so bad.

The next tier of the function of an umpire is to maintain the integrity of the game itself, and officiate in accordance with the rules. But, what are the rules of 8U, really? It isn't recognized by ASA by any written rules, even. So, did he fail at that level, either?

My thought is that you (or Andy, or Darryl, or someone that knows the difference) needs to evaluate this official at a game where the rules obviously matter; maybe a 12 or 14 Qualifier, or even just a friendly with high level teams. Then you can know if can change his game to the necessary level. It isn't reasonable to judge anyone for high level ball watching an 8U game, even an all-star game.
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