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Originally Posted by Dakota View Post
I will not call most illegal pitch violations in league or early season "friendly" tournament play, but I will always inform the coach of what is illegal so it can be worked on in practice.
Offtopic, but you and I differ on this one. I call the IP early and often if I see do otherwise contributes to the late-season problem of "but, blue, she's pitched like that all season and never been called for it!" Pardon the crass analogy, but I see "a little bit illegal" like "a little bit pregnant": you either are or are not, and if you are going to do something to eliminate it, it needs to be done early. Sorry if my comparison offends anyone's sensibilities here.

Originally Posted by Dakota View Post
Sounds to me like you should recuse yourself.
Maybe, and that's why I asked the forum. I'd like to think that I can judge the performance of a fellow official without bias despite our background, the same way I call a game for a coach "with a history". I also wanted to see if anyone else operated in this manner (non-calls for games that "don't matter"). I don't do this ever, with the exception of a big zone when needed to maintain pace of play, but that's just me. I think calling the little stuff early, like OBS and INT when a runner is hit by a batted ball, makes for a better game as the players age up, even if the 8U/10U parents and coaches think you're just making it up.

Edit: I've also edited the OP to be a little less flippant.
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