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Similar conversation happening on the Facebook page...

I would not change enforcement of the rules (INT, OBS, LBR, etc) for any age. If they don't learn them at the earliest ages, they will have to unlearn bad habits later.

I WOULD, most definitely, change the strike zone at younger ages, especially for lower quality pitchers. No one learns anything from a walk-fest. If NEITHER pitcher can keep from constantly walking batters with a standard strike zone, then an expanded zone is better for both teams. Note that I would use the same zone for both teams, and for the whole game.

On the FB page, one person also pointed out that we are likely to be more lenient on illegal pitches, especially the ticky tack stuff, at younger ages.

BTW - this umpire telling you to your face that he's making calls differently because the game "didn't matter" tells me he shouldn't be on the field... Every game matters to the kids on the field.
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