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Originally Posted by blueump View Post
Interesting interpretation of the look-back rule:

As I call "time" to declare the runner out for a look-back violation, the pitcher drops the ball transferring it from the glove to her hand.

Argument #2 - "My batter was still at bat. The rule clearly states that the batter/runner must have arrived at 1st base before you can call a runner out using the look-back rule. With a batter still at bat, it can not be called!"

I tried to explain that a batter is different from a batter/runner and only becomes a batter/runner when they are on their way to first base. Otherwise we would never be able to use the look-back rule, because their is always another batter! A batter/runner is NOT a batter! He again disagreed. He went away "knowing" that I was interpreting the rule incorrectly and that I ripped him out of more runs.
Two observations:
1. Why did you call "time?" Is that correct in certain codes? In NSA, it is a live ball out.

2. NSA is often on the short side of clear rules, but in this case the wording certainly would have helped.
"When a runner is legitimately off a base after a pitch or as a result of a batter completing a turn at bat...."
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