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Originally Posted by Manny A View Post
For the record, I wasn't looking for a loophole to allow the runner to be free of any interference call here. He/she needs to be ruled out, and I was looking for something to support it.

As for 8-7-Q, I did want to use that, but I always believed (perhaps wrongly) that this specific rule was meant to deal with the situation that RS#13 expands upon, and that's when the fielder is waiting to make a tag. That's why I was looking for some alternative involving a deflected ball.
Manny, that is the point. The rule DOES support it.

AFA the effect, since I'm being told the app version does not include this change, I would have to agree with others that this is an editorial error. That being the case, it has been two months since the first rules clarification for 2015 has been published. By this time last year, there were already four published and I'm sort of surprised it has not been addressed by now
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