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Originally Posted by IRISHMAFIA View Post
Bases juiced, no outs.

Ground ball to F4 who bobbles, but gains possession of the ball prior to R3 running into and knocking her down. No tag was made, but all runners reached their next base safely before the defender could recover and make a play?

For the sake of this discussion:
  • there was no attempt by R3 to avoid the F4 who did not step forward or backward while gaining possession of the ball
  • No runner reached the next base prior to the collision
  • At the time of the collision, there were multiple opportunities to record an out
Is this interference? What is the result of the play?
What about this same play in NFHS? To me this is a more complex argument in the NFHS book than it is in ASA. What rule would apply to the NFHS game on the same situation?
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