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Ok let's say this was a HS game under NFHS rules. It's two outs and the wild pitch is ball four so the batter has become a batter-runner.

The batter-runner failing to run to 1B and leaving the field is not an appeal. But if both teams remain on the field and proceed as if the game is over i.e. line up for handshakes etc how would you proceed when the only two people aware that the batter (now a batter-runner) is still supposed to go to 1B are you and your partner?

Remain on the field and wait until batter-runner finally leave the field of play without touching 1B and then declare her out and negate the run? What if it's several minutes later? I don't think so.

If someone (either team) would have realized that since it was ball four the batter was now a batter-runner and technically required to go touch 1B she still could have done it and she would not be out. So while it's not an appeal I am treating this like a game ending play where there is a possible appeal: I'll hesitate to see if anything further is going to happen but once it is apparent that everyone is treating the game as one that is over I am too.
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