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Originally Posted by chapmaja View Post
We had this one at a clinic on video.

ZERO OUT: R1 on 3rd, R2 on first. B3 bunts the ball in the air on a suicide squeeze play. The ball goes off F1's glove, hits the dirt and is picked up, is thrown to F6 at second for the out on R2. R2 runs into F6 without attempting to avoid contact, while F6 is attempting to throw to 1st base for the out on B3, who seeing the popup never ran towards 1st base until the ball dropped.

By the time the contact occurred at 2nd base, R1 had already touched home.

What is the call? The umpires on the play called R2 out on the force at second and B3 out on the interference by a retired runner. R3's run counted because at the time of the interference, she had already touched home.
I don't think this is entirely correct. I agree that if R1 from 3B has already reached home by the time the contact happened at 2B then the "runner closest to home" would be batter-runner assuming that the umpire is judging that the contact did constitute INT.

But I don't agree that this run scores. As I read your play the INT judgement was because there was a possibility of a play at 1B on B3 who had not yet reached 1B. When B3 is declared out for the 3rd out of the inning prior to reaching 1B no run may score on the play. It's not a timing issue.

Small wrinkle: let's say B3 had run on the popped up bunt and she had rounded 1B and the INT by the retired runner happens when F6 tries to get B3 who is diving back into 1B. Now R1s run would count as R1 crossed prior to the third out and that third out was not by the batter-runner prior to reaching 1B.
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