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My $0.02:

Play 1: Interference on R2 (the runner making contact with F6); dead ball out. Rule support: 8.6.10(a) as Irish pointed out. The key term in the rule is "initial play" as defined in 2.47.3(a): A fielder is considered to be making an initial play on a fair batted ball when she has a reasonable chance to gain control of a ground ball that no other fielder (except the pitcher) has touched. Opportunity to make the out is not a consideration.

Both conditions seem to be met in your summary. In all fairness, I would have gotten this wrong myself, had it happened to me tonight.


Play 2: Besides being a CF in general, the ball became dead when the PU directed his attention to the offensive coach (again assuming we are reading this correctly and the coach actually came out and chatted with PU, rather than yelling from the coach's box). Rule support: 5.2.1(e) or (f). Take your pick. As far as re-placing the runner where she should be, rule 10.2.3(m) comes closest. It's the fallback "rectify an umpire error" rule for Fed ball.
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