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Originally Posted by mutantducky View Post
correct call...I can see why the fans are upset because no one is used to that call, but I think it's clear he added a bit after the dunk and the T could have been called. Sure some refs would have passed on it but I don't fault the ref here at all.

btw, speaking of a pass. In the Open Championship for California, at the end of regulation one team got the rebound with the game tied with about two seconds to go. A player was calling a TO but his team didn't have any. The refs let it go and the game went into OT. That was a great move by the refs(assuming they did it on purpose because it was fairly quick). It would have been a horrible way to end the game so pass on that T if the situation calls for it.
Just so I'm clear, what part of it is the part where he "added a bit after"?