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1. Inconclusive. I can't see with high certainty in the video how much, if any, the defender prevented the release. It really needed a view from a different angle to be sure.
2. PC...defender was legal long before contact, shooter when through him
3. Seems like a basic handcheck to me
4. Block, defender moving into the path of an airborne opponent and toward white at the time of contact. Even if it was somewhat backward, the airborne component of the play prevents the defender from moving into his path at that time. It was a travel, but I'm not going with that since the contact may have contributed to the travel. Must go with the foul. No shot since it occurred before the shooter was on the way up for a shot.
5. Fooled the foul occurred.
6. Holding foul on the defender....which caused the reaction from the offensive player which drew the offensive foul call. No call OK but NOT an offensive foul.
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