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Originally Posted by splitveer View Post
What I mean is that the throw in is about ten feet in the frontcourt. Therefore when the ball gets thrown the momentum of A2 carries him from the front court to the backcourt.

Thanks for the thoughts. This is tough as the team control happens slightly before the player moves into the backcourt. The player is caught in a tough position.
So A2 catches the ball in motion, but with one foot on the floor in the FC and proceeds to step with the other foot into the BC.

If you think A2 actually had control of the ball (see bob's guidelines above) before the 2nd foot came down in the BC, you have a violation.

In practice, as socal notes, it's going to be have be very clear (almost happening in slow motion) before this will get called.

When you call it, be ready for the 3 points comments from the coaches.
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