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Originally Posted by Rich View Post
Let's focus on 2. How exactly is the defender rewarded?

You really don't understand what a properly officiated play involves. It's not a mechanism to teach kids the right way or wrong way to play defense. If there's contact...if the ball comes's a foul. If RSBQ is affected, it's a foul. Your player is protected against disadvantage.
I sincerely get that I don't understand what properly officiated play involves. I'm trying to learn and if I seem sarcastic at times, I apologize. I understand that officiating is a hard job and I'm attacking a job that you guys take great pride in doing.

The defender is rewarded in vid 2 becomes he makes the dribbler change his game to protect against his style of defense. Which I think it illegal (regardless off whether the ball came out). I'm learning that I'm long way from understanding what's illegal and what isn't

Remember the title of this thread. Can refs help improve youth play. I think most are saying no. I understand. Disappointed but understand.
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