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Originally Posted by NDno1fan View Post
I asked the same question. Pretty sure they missed that one. Should have been treated as a "dead ball" foul. In that case 2 other questions arise.
Not so sure but also wondering:

1) why did ND not get the ball under their own basket instead of under NCSt basket since NCSt never established control of the ball over half court at all?

2) Is it really an offensive foul or should that be considered a loose ball foul since it's up for grabs? In the case of loose ball foul ND would be shooting...

Finally - If ND had lost and we're right about either or both of the the first two questions, could they protest the game and get the last 1.8 seconds replayed?
Look up the definition of a live ball.

1) Throw-ins following a personal foul are nearest where the foul occurred.

2) There is no such thing as a loose ball foul. NC State had control at the time the foul occurred (look up the definition of team control). You do not shoot free throws for a team control foul.

And no, there are no protests in basketball.
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