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Originally Posted by APG View Post
There is absolutely no way that the offensive player gets an F2 on this play. At best, his actions rise to the level of common foul. There is no rule set that will eject a player for committing a common foul and having the opponent react with an ejectionable action.
Absolutely. And no way this is F1. Arm lock or not, called or not, that wind up and connection was savage and violent. Positively F2. If anything I think we as officials are always looking for certainty in the level of penalty, which is why, especially with monitor reviews, we tend to err on the side of the lesser penalty if we're not sure. Suffice to say the crew was sure on this one.
Originally Posted by bballref3966 View Post
The subsequent throw-in should have been on the endline, nearest to where the foul occurred as this was a personal foul, not a technical foul. That was a brain fart for the crew.
Yeah, but a big one. An inbound in that situation right under the basket gives a big and intended advantage to MSU as part of the penalty. You just can't brain fart there. That's too bad they made that mistake.
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