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Originally Posted by pfan1981 View Post
I thought college men's was POI and not half court for the throw in. I am just a lowly high school official........
I didn't see the play, but it's not if the ball is live. Live ball = Flagrant 2 Personal, which is basically assessed the same as a Flagrant Personal in NFHS: fouler is disqualified, two shots to the offended player, ball at spot nearest the foul to the offended team.

If the ball was dead, it's a Flagrant 2 Technical. Fouler is disqualified (and I believe ejected?), two shots to the team member of the coach's choosing, and ball to the offended team at the division line on either side of the table. The same result applies to a contact dead ball technical except without the disqualification. Most other NCAA technical foul penalties do use the POI, but not these two more serious infractions.
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