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Top Ten, You Know You're In Trouble

You know you're in trouble when...

10. ... your partner asks, "Should we call these uniforms teal or cerise?"

9. ... the home coach is an old flame from college who jilted you because you weren't manly enough.

8. ... you hear a parent screaming about the player you just ejected, and you look up to see that the parent is your boss.

7. ... you hear that distinctive ripping sound, and you know you're not wearing Velcro-strap shoes.

6. ... the African-American team is wearing white uniforms, and the Caucasian team is wearing black uniforms.

5. ... at the free-throw lane you give the hint, "Check your feet" and they all look at the bottoms of their shoes!

4. ... the coach asks, "Shall we be shirts or skins?" and then you see that the players are girls!

3. ... in full hearing of the whole gym, the winning coach asks, "Where shall I send the check?"

2. ... the freshman boys on the first bleacher are making everything you say into double entendre. (Think about it: illegal use of hands, holding, etc)

And, #1. ...your partner shows up with a box of powdered sugar donuts to eat at half-time!

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