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Not so random thoughts:

Until the ball goes in, we may/may not consider it a pass/shot. That the 10-second count expires, before the ball obtains frontcourt status, and before it goes through the basket, becomes the crux of a 10-second call/no-call, count it/don't count it, in the situation being discussed.

The characterization of the delivery of the ball, as a "heave" brings to mind the often seen last second "heave" that is followed by some contact, and the offensive player begging for a call, "on the shot", to which the covering official replies, "Nope," because the "heave" was so sloppy as to not be judged a shot. (And, what if, in such a situation, while the official shakes his head "No," that sloppy delivery then goes in?)

We have, here, and in other discussions, stated that when the coach or other bench personnel yell, "Foul him!" we are to judge the action, and not automatically consider the subsequent contact as intentional. So, the second offered scenario may/may not be an automatic judgement that the "heave/pass to A2" is a pass, thus negating counting the basket, if the ball goes through.

Has anyone here ever called a 10-second count, when the ball was in the air, released from backcourt, as it travelled forward, over the frontcourt, when the 10-second limit was reached?
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