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Last second pass/shot

On the subject of removing judgment from a call: We had a study guide question (which also turned out to be on my test) that I had not seen before.
Timeout is called with team B ahead by 2 with 11.1 seconds on the clock. Team A has a throw-in under Team B's basket. Ball is inbounded to A1, who attempts to dribble up against pressure. He is still in backcourt, unable to break the press, when he realizes the clock is down to 2 seconds. He heaves the ball toward the basket. The buzzer sounds while the ball is in the air then it goes into the basket. Ruling: Score 3 points for Team A. Game over.

True or False? Well, the answer is true. The point of the question (obviously after I thought about it) was that there is no 10 second violation because the release of the try ends team control.

When the 3 point line first came to NFHS, as I recall, when an official judged a thrown ball to be a pass, only 2 points were scored if it went into the basket, no matter where it was thrown from. This was later changed that a thrown ball from outside the arc counts 3, regardless of intent.

BUT, 5.1.1 Sit. B tells us that "When deemed a pass and not a try, the ball becomes dead immediately when the horn sounds."

So this tells us that the above mentioned change doesn't mean that any thrown ball that goes in is considered a try, merely tells us how to score an errant pass that does go in.

So, take the test question above and add this: A2 comes open under the basket and waves frantically for the ball. A1 spot's him and yells "Here you go, A2. Be a hero!" and releases a baseball style pass in his direction. Buzzer sounds while ball is in the air, and the ball goes through the basket.

What is your ruling?
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