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"Referee" rule confusion???

I noticed the following in this month's "Referee" and it got me thinking (I know, a bad thing). It raised a few questions/comments in my head due to the rules cited. I edited/shortened the play to get to the point faster.

Play: Team A's school colors are red and white. Team A is the home team and is wearing its white jerseys. Is team A allowed to wear its red/road pants with its white jerseys? Ruling (as listed in "Referee"): NFHS, yes (3-4-1 and 3-4-5); NCAA, no (1-22-3, 10-2-3c).

The NFHS rule citation isn't really needed, IMO. The only reference in the NFHS rule book to the color requirements of anyone's pants during a game is ours (black, 2-1-1).

The first NCAA rule citation isn't correct. It should be 1-22-4 ("The home team shall wear light game jerseys and game pants...The majority of the color of the game pants shall be the color of the neutral zone [of the jersey])." It doesn't seem the second rule calling for an administrative technical foul ("A team/team member shall not wear an illegal jersey") should apply since the jerseys aren't illegal. However there's nothing in the NCAA books regarding the penalty/remedy for violating 1-22-4. Thoughts?
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