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Ole Miss Steal Play

Did anyone else see the play in the Ole Miss game yesterday where the runner from 1st attempted to steal and the batter stepped in front of the catcher when he attempted the throw? The plate umpire called the interference. The 2nd base umpire hesitated and then rather mildly indicated the runner was out at 2nd as the ball trickled away from the 2nd baseman. It looked goofy, and there was no argument at 2nd base even though the ball got away. The batter had to be called back up to the plate because he thought HE was out on the interference.
The umpires did huddle up but there ultimately was no explanation as to why the stealing runner was out even though the ball rolled away. All I could figure was the runner was tagged out so the interference was ignored, and the ball was lost on the transfer after the play was over.

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