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Originally Posted by argodad View Post
Do you allow huddles in live ball territory? NFHS 3-6-6 says you should not. That was a point of emphasis a few years ago. In Florida, we will ding the crew if you allow it.
I find that reference in 3-6-6 a little strange, considering that the same ruling (Casebook 3-6-6 Situation G) allows for players to be in live ball territory during a dead ball (over the fence home run).

The note seems to apply to defensive players, but nowhere that I can find does it cover players coming off the field into the bench area.

I understand the justification for it, but at the same time it is again one of those things that really doesn't seem to be clear with the rules.

I find 3-6-6 to mean that players and bench personnel shall stay in the dugout/bench area during the time they are not on the field. This prohibits them from going to the stands or being in live ball territory during play.

However, while doing some looking I did find this little tidbit, which I don't think gets enforced at all in Michigan.

In the interest of minimizing risk to participants, teams should not huddle on the field after a third out while the other team is warming up. During the game, team huddles between players on the field are never considered charged conferences. These huddles should be allowed to the extent that they do not violate any of the rules of the game such as the one minute between innings and the 20 seconds a pitcher has to pitch after receiving the ball. Last year’s point of emphasis was never intended to prohibit team huddles, but merely to ensure they were occurring within existing rules.
This was apparently a POE in 2006, before I returned to umpiring.
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