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Originally Posted by Robert E. Harrison View Post
Fed game. 0-0 game in the top of 11th. F1 properly steps off and fakes to 2B. I have nothing as well as my partner. Third base coach runs (in my partner's direction in C crossing the foul line) onto field yelling "That's a Balk!".

Do I warn him, confine him or toss him or just chastise him?
Depends on the State in which you work. My state wants us to 1) warn 2) restrict 3) eject, unless of course it is one of the 1 or 2 things a coach can do to bypass 1 and 2. This not one of them. If this was an AC toss him and restrict the HC to the dugout. If the HC, put up the big 2 handed stop/warn sign and restrict if necessary.

The two handed stop/warn sign is chastising, so I don't know what else you mean. I am not going to have much of a discussion with him about this.
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