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I agree with the comments about predetermining or anticipating.

I also think that for the sake of consistency officials and crews want "like" plays to be called similarly. Maybe the difference between PC/Block is a step forward later or a half second but I don't think it always gets called on the merits of its own play as much as we got a couple a lot like this as blocks so the crew protects the shield a little bit. Similar to if one guy is letting them play we don't have the other officials calling it tight.

The most difficult part of the block charge for me in a lot of cases like this when I actually officiate, is who and what you can watch. Officiating the defense is fine but on bang-bang plays i need to be able to see what the defense is doing, the offensive player's feet, when a gather happens, when the upward shot is started, and at what point the defender stopped moving forward/ contact happens. Not just assuming based on what it looks like is going to happen. Defense might not be there when the offensive player goes to take the angle but if he slides in and the offensive player tries to pull up. I might have had a block on the drive it had kept going but now the offense has stopped moving so any contact as defense settles is probably incidental. Now I have to see when the ball actually gathered and lifted and I'm trying to track how the offensive player landed through the defender's body as they establihsh . . .it becomes problematic.

Basically on a lot of these right or wrong (an I know I have to get better) I will no call unless certain one way or the other. I won't call based on what i think happened.
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