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Originally posted by SamNVa

You are the 2nd (and 3rd?) umpire(s) whose opinion I respect who have said to return the runner to 1st. Is this a softball ruling? Do you consider it a 10-6-C situation?

I know that in baseball (don't beat me up too badly, Mike) the runner would be out. There is a specific baseball ruling that says that runners and fielders must be aware of the fact that a check swing reversal with a 3-x count could put the runner in jeopardy. That's why I always taught my catcher to throw down to 2nd on a walk on an apparent check swing then ask the PU to check with the BU on the check swing.

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Sam, know why BB is different???? Cuz(at least down here) all the way old guys work softball, they are real slow to appeal........ Please guys, THIS was a joke....LOL
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