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I agree with Steve. In small leagues there are not enough people to go around! At least in our league all the board members coach a team, some two, and 4 of the 8 umpire. In a perfect world with a big league there would be board members (league reps.) that would be at every game just to oversee the happenings but in small town USA you do wear VERY many hats! Due to the number of small leagues around our area we play several out of town teams and there could be nights where all of our board members are out of town with their teams and as UIC I am the "highest ranking" there.

I do see your point and agree that if possible this is the way to run things. It would be much easier and less hassle on me. One thing that I do make sure of is if I am doing a game I don't talk about or deal with anything that does not have to be dealt with. But like several people here know in a small league there seems to be 8-10 people who seem to do it all and too many others that just like to ***** about everything. The only time I have ever had a real "conflict" was when I had a coach want to protest a call, for a misapplication of the rule. I informed him that in our league the UIC makes the final decision on protests, he said so go get him. I said I am UIC. That lead to a few comments of home cooking which were ended quickly. After the game I showed the coach in the rulebook the specific case he was argueing and he appologized so the issue went away.

Since I am a volunteer EMT and Fireman, I have been called off the diamond to put out a fire in the concession stand popcorn machine, and to help a guy having chest pain, talk about wearing too many hats!!
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