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Sit A Tick ???

Originally Posted by Nevadaref View Post
No, it's not. Such team members are considered not currently eligible.
I could have sworn that getting down to five players was one of the few exceptions to the "sit a tick" rule. Are you sure about this Nevadaref?

If my memory serves me, and it usually doesn't, the play involved a free throw. Team A has six eligible players. Before B1 shoots the first of a one and one, A6 substitutes for A1. B1 makes the first free throw, but while attempting to get a rebound, A2 is injured and can no longer participate. A1, who hasn't "sat a tick" (the clock never started) reports to replace the injured A2. I could have sworn that the substitution for the injured player was allowed because "playing with five trumps sitting a tick".

I would appreciate further discussion on this, hopefully with some closure.
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