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Originally Posted by BillyMac View Post
10.1.9 SITUATION: Following a charged time-out Team B is still with their
coach on the sideline when the official sounds the whistle to indicate play will
resume. Four players of B return to the court just in time to play defense as A1
attempts an unsuccessful three-pointer. B1 rebounds and throws a long pass to
B5 who enters the court just in time to catch the pass. RULING: A technical foul
is immediately charged to Team B for failing to have all players return to the court
at approximately the same time following a time-out or intermission. While it is
true the entire team may be off the court while the procedure is being used, once
a team responds, all players must enter the court at approximately the same time.

10.3.2 SITUATION B: After a lengthy substitution process involving multiple
substitutions for both Team A and Team B, A5 goes to the bench and remains
there, mistakenly believing he/she has been replaced. The ball is put in play even
though Team A has only four players on the court. Team A is bringing the ball into
As frontcourt when the coach of Team A realizes they have only four players. The
coach yells for A5 to return and he/she sprints directly onto the court and catches
up with the play. RULING: No technical foul is charged to A5. A5s return to
the court was not deceitful, nor did it provide A5 an unfair positioning advantage
on the court.
The OP is a mix of the two situations, if B5 had been one of the five playing prior to the timeout (or had reported prior to the first horn).

Since the OP involved a sub who had not reported running onto the court, it's a technical foul. No different than if, during the course of play no where near a timeout, B5 had just decided to sit down because he was tired of the coach's (or the officials') BS and the coach proceeded to send B6 into the game.
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