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Originally posted by Elaine "Lady Blue"
My question is, why did you go directly to the fan, and not the coach??? Either the coach or a school administrator should have handled this kid being out of line. Fans shouldn't have to be the umpires concern.
In HS ball in Georgia, a school administrator MUST be present at all games, not just the coaches. If any problems arise, the administrator handles it.

You might consider talking to the schools that book you, or your state association. Your job is on the field, not on the other side of the fence.


Dylan clearly stated that this was a "local league" that he was the UIC for, so I guess that made him administrator for the park as well. As far as NFHS is concerned, there is to be a site administrator on duty where ever you may call it. Just wanted to straighten out those two points before addressing Dylan's original question.

As far as this young umpire's suspension goes, I, too, would have trouble letting him back onto a field where I was the UIC, ever! However, I feel that at least a year may give him time to a)grow up a little, and b)decide if umpiring is really what he wants to do.

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