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Well maybe i'm explaining it the wrong way but it sure made sense the other night.

Last night was a better night of camp. Got alot fixed from the first night. ALOT! No more shaking my head on foul calls (Dont ask where I got it) I got my hand up straight. And yes bigwhistle i even got my count to slow down a whole lot. I know you were on court one last night so you prolly didnt see much on 2.

Whew. 2nd set of games was intense. And I mean INTENSE! Tied ball game when i got in thiere with 5 mintues to go. We let them play but they started gettin too rough. It was a good ball game and I felt really good about it walking off the court. We went back to the main gym and did what they call situations. Shirts and skins. 30 seconds on the clock looser of the coin toss is down by one with the ball. Goal is to find a winner. stopped clock both teams in bonus - 3 away from double bonus. We rotated out in 2 man crews for each situation. It made each whistle mean something and i found it really helped me sharpen my mechanics and my view of calling the game. Its like you had to fast forward in your mind the whole game process. I plan on going back next year and hitting up some more camps that I can find that cater to 2 man mechnaics.

Tongihts gunna be a fun night. Crash course in 3 man which i have some understanding and knowledge in (purely from watching/reading) with college level play. So it'll be interesting.

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