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Is how one of the insturctors at the Camp im in described the art of officiating. Talk about a great time. Tongiht was my first night of a camp. EVER! IT was great. The instructors were great, the play was fastand moving and alot sloppier than anything I was ever used to seeing! And I had my first no question no hesitation tech too. Kid missed a shot yelled **** and hit his fist on the back wall. No hesitation Whistle went back in the mouth BAM!

BigWhistle was one of my evaluators. Him and his sidekick... LOL I think I learned more from those two guys than i did from an ex NBA guy on the other court. They just have a laid back way of telling you what you did wrong and how to fix it and they kid around with ya at the same time. Not to say I didnt learn anything from those other guys.

ANyway- im loving this camp experince. I'm eatin up anything I can get from it.

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