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I had a play a few years ago while working L with Team A snapping from inside the B-5. The fullback took the ball, ran towards the goal line and dove to try and make it in. His helmet was so loose that it went flying off while the ball was at the B-1. I ruled him down at the B-1 because his helmet was clearly off. I was right on the goal line and saw it clear as day.

If I saw it that clearly, you know that a camera on the goal line would see it easily.

A touchdown was not earned, a touchdown was not awarded. When the coach asked what I had, I told him and he understood. He went and laid into his fullback for not wearing his helmet properly.

The fullback's helmet didn't come off the rest of the game.

I will make the same call again if I see it but I suspect that was a once in a career play.

The simple fact of the matter is that the ball is dead when the helmet comes completely off. Same as when the ball carrier's knee is down or he barely grazes the sideline on a long run untouched towards the endzone.
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