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Originally Posted by zm1283 View Post
On this note, I was working a scrimmage last Friday night. I was the Lead and administering the throw-in in the frontcourt on the endline. The thrower went to throw the ball to a teammate and it hit the bottom (From what I could tell) of the backboard and came down in bounds on the court, where one of the players on the court grabbed it. I wasn't going call a violation because it looked like it came straight down, leading me to believe that it hit the bottom of the backboard and not the back. It also landed in bounds. My partner comes in after a brief delay and says that it was a violation. At the next break I asked him about it and he said that when it hit, it angled back toward the endline so it must have hit the back of the backboard. I told him that it landed in bounds and from my angle it went straight down so I would have left it alone. We agreed to disagree and went on.

I remember people talking about this on here before. If it doesn't come straight down after hitting the backboard do you guys always assume it hit the back?
No way I'm coming in to get this from T, regardless of what I saw. (unless it went straight back)
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