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Originally Posted by JRutledge View Post
I will not say never at this point, but I doubt seriously that this is something that will happen in other sports. Baseball has very few calls other then the HP umpire that makes multple calls on multiple pitches. Other sports have more calls that influence their games as a crew. I doubt that the pros would want to have officials talking about the multiple plays they rule on in a game. This might have been the only tough call Joyce will make in that game or the only tough call he will have the entire series. I just do not see it for those sports. But baseball seems to feel this is a good idea for some reason. Thank God for their sake it was a rather easy call and easy rule to explain. Other sports have other issues to consider when quoting their rules and might raise more issues with an ignorant media asking silly questions as they did last night.

Thanks JRut. You bring up several good points. Guess only time will tell which way this goes.
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