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NFHS 2014 Softball Rules Changes

NFHS 2014 Softball Rules Changes

1-5-2C The taper is the transition area which connects the narrower handle to the wider barrel portion of the bat. The taper shall have a solid surface and shall have a conical shape. Its length and material may vary.

1-8-6 New The use of electronic devices by team personnel to transmit or record information pertaining to his/her player or team’s performance shall be permitted within the team’s dugout/bench area only. Information obtained from an electronic device may be used for coaching purposes during the game.

2-58 New TEAM MEMBERS Team members are players listed on the team’s roster and lineup as submitted to the umpire at the pregame meeting.

2-59 New TEAM PERSONNEL Team personnel consist of all school representatives located in the team dugout, including but not limited to coaches, managers, certified athletic trainers, and scorekeepers.

3-6-11 New The use of electronic devices is permitted during a game; however any information obtained shall not be used to review decisions made by the umpires.


1-5-2A The bat shall consist of the following components (see Figure 1-7):
Knob. The knob may be molded, lathed, welded or permanently fastened. Devices, attachments or wrappings that cause the knob to become flush with the handle are permitted. The knob may be covered with grip tape. A one-piece rubber knob and bat grip combination is illegal. Choke -up devices are not permitted.

1-6-3 A violation while in live-ball area shall result in a warning to the coach of the team and the individual. A subsequent violation may result in the individual and coach not being permitted on the field.

3-2-13 NOTE The accommodations should not fundamentally alter the sport, heighten risk to the athlete/others or place opponents at a disadvantage.

7-3-1 …move to end of paragraph. However, if the batter steps out of the box or holds up her hand to request time and the pitcher legally delivers the ball, it shall be called a strike and the ball remains live.

7-3-2 A pitched ball that is entirely within the batter’s box strikes the batter or her clothing. No attempt to avoid being hit by the pitch is required. However, the batter may not obviously try to get hit by the pitch.

2014 Points of Emphasis

1. DP/FLEX Education
2. Player Safety
3. Equipment Check/Bats
4. Electronic Devices

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