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I'm not sure it makes no sense, but I've been long opposed to offensive fouls (such as holding) being spot fouls behind the line of scrimmage.

1/10 becomes 1/27 and there's the end of the series for most teams.

I think the NCAA gets this one right. The foul is 10 yards, no more.

I also think the logic behind "if we're not penalizing a LOD on OPI we can't give an AFD on DPI" is tortured, at best. The NCAA/NFL have never had an issue with it, for example. It's not like there weren't examples of other codes, in other words, and the NFHS was breaking new ground.

I'd also eliminate non-PF, non-flagrant, non-USC fouls on scoring plays against the defense. No reason we should penalize 15 on the kickoff for DPI when there's a TD scored on the play. This is one that, to me, makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

I'd also put an AFD in for all PFs, but that's just something on my wish list.
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