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Last day of ref camp, eighth game in four days (though the first two were for a charity tourney, pro bono), around 9AM. The first half, near the table, I'm walking near the table while my partner is taking care of business. It hit me from out of nowhere -- it felt like a shove to the upper back area, with a bit of a stab. Yet, no-one touched me. I took a few seconds, regained myself, and continued. I finished the game, showered, and went to work for a busy day, ignoring the soreness.

The pain wasn't going away, though. It felt like it was pinpointing on my spine, and I was rather convinced I had a slipped a disk. Prepping my mind around surgery, I went to my company's Walk-In care the next day, and the PA says I merely had a badly pulled trapezius. He tells me I was going to be sore for a while, too.

The brain is a funny thing, because two minutes after the PA gave me the news, it was like all the pain I should've felt in my back suddenly came over me in waves. I had to lie down, and it took me ten minutes before I could get to my feet. They gave me a shot and an Rx for the pain, and I went home for the day.

I'm still sore, but I'll gaining mobility, and I'll be fine. Still, anyone ever suffer anything like this, or know of someone who has?
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