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Yes, a bunch of whiny, little bitches, just like spies.

But I got news for you folks, they don't care that you don't umpire their games, they'll just beat up on the next guy and here is why it happens:

Somewhere along the way, someone told umpires is was a sign of professionalism to "keep players in the game". Well, it isn't. A sign of professionalism is umpiring the game as it is supposed to be umpired, using the prescribed rules and mechanics and manage the game and the players. When that player crosses the line, the professional thing to do is save the game and dispense the player that is causing the problem. It's like cutting out the cancer. I don't know how many times a team had been struggling and some smartass gets dumped and the team refocuses on the game instead of the smartass and their level of play increases and the often end up winning. These are ballplayers, the putz you dumped is not.

Also, somewhere along the way, an umpire figured that if I don't call the rules they don't want called, I will not get into trouble. And when trouble came, they just made it up as they went along and bullshit their way out of it. They are the player's friend, right up until the time comes when the players don't get their way. And you know what, that moron sits there and takes it because s/he is afraid of upsetting them that much more.

IOW, many umpires bring it on themselves through laziness and just not doing the job. And the worst part of that is when they experience the umpire that does the job right, s/he gets the shit and then the players don't understand why they get ejected.

We all wait for the time to come when we meet the "umpire last night" in a dark alley so we can beat him silly with a rule book.

My philosophy, not that anyone cares, is know and enforce the rules, listen to the complaint when warranted, not be afraid of a protest and tell the manager to control his players or take them home. I have found they may not like the call, but they will respect you being there to make it or miss it, not standing where you were when the play started. The players may argue, may completely disagree, but the will not try to bully you, especially if they know you will pull the trigger when appropriate.
The bat issue in softball is as much about liability, insurance and litigation as it is about competition, inflated egos and softball.
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