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Originally Posted by SE Minnestoa Re View Post
I gave up ASA ball years ago when the UIC at a tournament I reluctantly agreed to work decided not to pay for forfeits that were announced when we got there. I told him I get paid or I leave and take all my high school umpires with me. I got paid and so did they.

As someone said earlier, the aggravation is not worth the money. I only work high school and college games and am much happier.
I doubt your experience had anything to do with ASA. I'd guess this was on either the tournament organizers or the UIC personally (or the combo).

Nevertheless, my experience with ASA/USSSA/AFA/NAFA fastpitch has been very good. I've never been stiffed, and serious problems with either players or coaches are rare. And, this includes adult men's and women's fastpitch as well as youth. (Parents are another story, but even that goes away at the older ages.)

But, then, I don't umpire slowpitch, so I have no comment on issues or problems (or lack thereof) with that game.

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