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Originally Posted by nopachunts View Post
I don't know how it's in other parts of the country, but some coaches have discovered printers and are handing me lineups on big honking pieces of index card stock. Try folding those up and putting it in your lineup card holder.
There is a HS coach around here who hands you an 8 x 11 sheet of scrap paper (there is irrelevant printing on one side). He claims he is saving the environment by recycling [sic] paper. At least his lineup (and subs) are machine printed in huge type.

Whenever he has a change, it becomes an exercise in unfolding/folding so the right quadrant fits over the lineup card wallet (the small one) so I have something to write on.

I just take my sweet-ass time. If I hear any grumbling, I show them the page and apologize for forgetting to bring my loose-leaf binder.

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